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Job Management Apps

Tools for field inspectors and project managers to keep track of job site details and assets needed for billing clients.


Telecommunications and construction


User experience designer and researcher


About 2 months to deliver assets




  1. Research current state - highlight areas for improvement in the current mobile app and desktop admin manager tools.
  2. Test prototype designs - validate and invalidate new design revisions and capture feedback from the target audience.
  3. Prepare usability report for stakeholders - compile findings that include bugs, performance issues, and amount of time wasted due to poor usability.

4-Day Field Research


Meeting the crew
I traveled to a subsidiary in Sacramento to learn how the field workers were using the current tool and workflow. They currently use various tools to capture and organize field work data to invoice and bill. I put on a vest, a hard hat, and hopped on the truck to shadow them. I learned about their daily routine as they performed their usual tasks using the mobile application they were trained to use. 

Protective gear

Preparing the prototype


Current admin management app

After spending time with project managers, I learned that they needed a desktop app to view productivity using statuses to track data uploaded by field inspectors. User would find pending status and other types of statuses useful.


- Favorites feature

- Jobs list to include categories

- Ability to add/attach several segments to a single photo

- Ability to update/replace a photo’s associated FQNID

- Ability to version control the photos 

- Ability to filter by employee

Job detail management desktop app

Usability report sample:


Job capturing app improvements

After spending time with the field inspectors, these were the improvements that would improve the overall experience of their daly work. 

Ability to add multiple images

The current tool only allowed one photo to be taken at the job site, and did not allow the user to choose an existing photo, forcing them to drive back to the job site for the photo. 

Search and filter within drop-downs

Currently the app does not allow users to search through categories, even though there could be over 20 different categories and subcategories to choose from. 


Ability to save draft

To avoid lost work due to network connection issues or the app crashing, users need to have the ability to save draft or work in offline mode. 

Ability to retake a photo

Currently users are not able to retake a photo before uploading and saving, causing frustrations. 


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