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Project Management Chat App

Improving communication and task assignment for project managers and teams 


Major U.S. defense contractor


User experience and user interface designer


About 4 months to deliver assets and style guide


Pencil and notebook, sticky notes, Axure RP 8, Adobe Photoshop


  1. Project managers (PMs) need an app that consolidates all internal action items and major projects. Concerns arise whether a native app or web app should be developed and how simple the on-boarding will be for the PMS. 
  2. PMs should be able to assign users to projects, schedule events, mark tasks as critical, create private groups, add due dates, add notes to actionable tasks and send to project members.
  3. A conversation should feel like familiar chat app such as Facebook Messenger or iMessage on an iPhone. During conversation the users can send tasks to one another and users can sign off on tasks or elevate priority and add other descriptive notes to the task.




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