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Hi, my name is Sylke

Pronounced "sil-key"

My background in multimedia, web development, user experience, and instructional design has lead me to an exciting career as a multi-disciplinary product designer. I currently assist various teams at Dycom Industries with user research, design strategies, and rapid prototyping to empower users throughout the telecommunications industry, whether in the office or the field.

I like to...
- bike ride around Palm Beach island with my partner, Dado
- take my rescue dogs Maggie and Stark to the dog park, beach, and every pup friendly cafe out there!
- host Women's Code and Coffee workshops and MeetUps in local coffee shops in West Palm Beach
- volunteer at Code Palm Beach, teach kids the building blocks of a web page

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Women's Code and Coffee

Women's Code and Coffee

Encouraging the community to volunteer their tech skills to mentor people, especially women of color and non-binary folk. I facilitate free tech-related workshops and teach to help improve workplace diversity.

My interests in education and human-centered design lead me to start Women's Code and Coffee MeetUp in Palm Beach County. I noticed how often people in my community have a hard time finding mentorship and affordable classes to improve their skillsets and transition into a career in tech. I try to host free workshop on a popular topic by connecting people willing to teach and people willing to learn. The topics range from web concepts to Python and are chosen based on surveys sent out to the community. 
The attendees not only learn new introductory material to get a better sense of the career path before spending a lot of money in a degree or bootcamp, but also recieve support in a safe and open environment with mentors available to help improve resumes and portfolio. The instructors are professionals in their industry looking for ways to give back. The MeetUps have helped many women and non-binary folk transition into their new careers and I hope to grow this program for years to come.

Feel free to hit me up with any inquiries 🧐

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